Memorials & Headstones

Remembering your loved one with a fitting memorial is a lasting gift that you can supply for all your family and friends to remember the departed by. What better way than to have a bespoke hand carved headstone that reflects the personality of your family member and also your feelings.

Each piece we produce is unique and individual, and we’ll work with you from the design process through to installation of the stone. We listen to your brief and try to make it as easy as possible for you to get the finished piece you want.

New Memorials

Older headstones are susceptible to the effects of the weather and over time, the original lettering will wear away or fall out. We provide a Lead Lettering service (or sometimes re-lettering) and this a technique where we can replace the original letters with lead. The letters are first written in pencil and then chiselled out, it is only at this stage that the lead is beaten into shape and finished perfectly.

Lead Lettering

The environment can play havoc with the memorials that mean so much to us, there is nothing that we can do about the weather or moss or algae that grows over a period of years. Sometimes it means that certain memorials do not look as good as they could, but with a little love and care they can be restored. We spend a lot of time restoring and cleaning older memorials and we take a lot of effort to make sure they look as good as they can.

Memorial Restoration

Adding another inscription to a memorial is a nice touch for those that want to be remembered together. For husbands and wives having one memorial will quite often be the wish. In this case, we can add letter carving to a memorial and match the letters to the existing inscription. This is a perfect solution. For those of you who know you want to have a joint memorial we can produce a piece that has an area left of the second inscription.

Added Inscription

Death mask memorials are now becoming popular with many people wanting to preserve a persons features and are a celebrity favourite.

The history of death masks can be traced back through the centuries, and perhaps event to Ancient Egyptian times when the most important part of the funeral ceremony was the mummification of the deceased. Indeed Tutanhamun probably has the most famous burial mask, in solid gold which is an object of outstanding beauty.

 Part of this Ancient Egyptian ritual was the creation of a sculpted mask, which was placed on the face of the mummy as it was believed to guard the soul from evil spirits on its journey to the after world.

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