Architectural Restoration & Cleaning

Our country is one of great history, and with it a lot of beautiful historic buildings that make this land great. But with old buildings comes a lot of responsibility for maintaining and upkeep. To preserve the facade of buildings requires a thorough understanding of known elements that will cause deterioration and what can be done to bring the building back to life, without detriment to the overall historic look and feel.

We are able to renovate and repair historic buildings and keep them looking their best. We can offer simple cleaning solutions, repointing or a complete repair depending on your situation.

Building Restoration

If you have an item or object that simply can’t be moved then perhaps you might like to consider our in-situ carving service. We would need to take a look at the object to determine what could be done. This could be a carving on top of an entrance or any kind of sign that you require. Just call us and we will do the rest.

In Situ Carving

You might have some general stone masonry that you need completed to renovate some stonework that you have in your premises or home. We have been all over the world on renovation projects to bring back original pieces to their former glory.

Architectural Stone Masonry

See our Portfolio of Architectural Projects featuring restoration and cleaning work.

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